Apple demo for ghosts

apple still life
demo set up
Apple demo set up

Cray-cray, I know, but not long ago, I did a demo for no one.

I admit I didn’t publicize it well and it WAS on a Wednesday evening after all. But ever hopeful, I wagged my gear to Mas Art and set up for the demo.

No one showed.

apple still life demo
Apple for still life demo

But, I was already there so what the heck – might as well paint. And I did, for about 45 minutes until it became clear no one was coming and it was time for the shop to close. I worked on this still life of an apple.

work in progress apple demo
Apple demo in progress

Of course I couldn’t control the lighting at the shop, so when I got home I set it up again in my studio. I decided to light it from below this time for more drama.

apple still life
Apple in Shadow, ©Jean Wilkey, oil on linen, 8×6 in. $135 Click to Buy

This is how it turned out.