Call for Artists: Everyday Objects

Chrome duck
Chrome Daffy, oil on panel, 4×4 in.

There are currently two calls for art for the online gallery, Unframed.  I’m excited to announce that I’ll be curating the first one!

Everyday Objects

The exhibition confronts the viewer with a fascinating array of everyday, ordinary things, and in the process gets us to take a closer look at the objects and our encounters with them in our daily lives. These “mundane things” are the stuff that we encounter daily without almost any thought. They are overlooked, ignored or simply taken for granted. This exhibition of objects takes a close look at the all to frequently unnoticed objects that many artists are turning to for inspiration or the creation of their art.

Deadline for entry is AUGUST 1st. Curator: Jean Reece Wilkey


This will be a drawing exhibition. Accepted work will be contemporary interpretations of line used to dominate visual experience.

Deadline to enter is 15 June. Curator: Zoe Z. Spiliotis

Enter these shows on the Unframed website.

The beauty of online exhibitions is that a wider audience can potentially see your work, it will be seen by lots of folks who don’t yet know you, and, perhaps best of all, there’s no shipping!!

 So do it! You know you want to…