How Rose Frantzen inspires you to paint at her Alla Prima Workshop – Part II

Closeup of a Rose Frantzen painting,Vaulting the Disproportionate Illusion of a Transparent Wall.

This is part II of a two-part post and continues with the painting process Rose Frantzen modeled for us at the workshop. If you missed part I, you can see it here. Rose has tremendous energy. She moves around a lot while she paints, walking back and forth, turning around and sometimes fairly dancing with […]

The cycles of artmaking

I already wished those of you who subscribe to my newsletter a Happy New Year! That’s right, Naw Ruz, which falls on March 21st is the new year for members of the Baha’i Religion. So of course I spend the first 3 months of the year from the Gregorian New Year until now, introspecting, making […]