Happy New Year and a Gift for You

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful new year ahead. May it bring you all joy, peace and prosperity.  I also have a New Years gift for you. I invite you to download this free eBook describing the properties of oil paint that will help you make informed purchases and get the most from your paint. You’ll have to […]

Portrait of Tess

oil sketch of Tess, oil on panel, 16x12in, Jean Wilkey

Tess took painting classes from me. She was already quite talented and drew well. I shared the basics of painting in oils with her. Then she became a teen ager and I lost her to boys. This is an oil sketch I did of her using a less limited palette. It’s basically the Zorn palette, along with a […]

Mounting linen on panel

A SMART person would mount linen on the panel before doing the painting. Well, evidently I’m not that person. I planned to send paintings to Australia that I painted on un-stretched linen so they could be rolled for shipping, but the customs requirements changed my mind and I sent smaller works instead. That left me with two completed […]

Painting demo with Russian easel

Two weeks ago I did a quick painting demo at the Botanica show along with Tauna Cole Dorn. There’s a gorgeous plant in the courtyard at the Adobe-Patio Gallery, the name of which escapes me, that has brilliant pink blooms. Quinacridone magenta blooms! The setup I used is a Yarka Russian Field Easel meant for […]