paintingHabit and Studio Blog will merge

The paintingHabit blog is going away. I’m grateful for all those of you who follow it, but it’s too much to keep up two blogs, a newsletter, a website, AND actually paint. So, I’m merging it with my Studio blog. If you want to continue following  my work, please subscribe to the Studio Blog. On the same form […]

Who are you out there?

After years of having fewer than 35 people follow this blog, my readers just surpassed 500 in little more than a year. Woo Hoo! I’m amazed and so excited about it, but the thing is, I have NO IDEA who you actually are! Who ARE you? Really. It’s like being onstage with the house lights off. You […]

Call for Artists: Everyday Objects

There are currently two calls for art for the online gallery, Unframed.  I’m excited to announce that I’ll be curating the first one! Everyday Objects The exhibition confronts the viewer with a fascinating array of everyday, ordinary things, and in the process gets us to take a closer look at the objects and our encounters with them in our […]

The painting goes to Christine

We have a winner of the painting give-away. It’s Christine Martell. She’s the principle image wrangler at VisualsSpeak where she builds bridges between the visual and the verbal. She’s also an artist and you can see her artwork here. She chose my orchid painting, Spring Sensation. Congratulations, Christine.    

Free print contest

There are three days left to sign up to enter my free print contest. I’m running this contest to encourage subscribers to my new newsletter that I just launched. You can see the first one here. To sign-up for the print contest, head over to my Studio-Views blog for more details or signup here.