Chinese Piano baby and mended legs

Chinese-piano-babyI knew the moment I saw this little Chinese piano baby on eBay  that I wanted it. So after oogling it for some weeks and wrestling with my conscience (budget) for some weeks more, I bought it. I just love that little face!


Unfortunately, this is how it arrived. I was just as crushed as that leg.

China-baby-broken-legPoor little baby.

Once I got over the shock I decided to quickly set up a still life because I was afraid I’d have to surrender him when I filed the insurance claim. I even thought about not filing just because I couldn’t bear parting with him. I love the charm of the face and those great pigtails! (Luckily, I didn’t have to give him up.)

Still life setup
Still life setup

So I decided to launch into painting him right away. I chose a setting emphasizing subtle textures, color and the light to give it a sumptuous feel.

China Baby, oil on panel 20x16 in
China Baby, Jean Reece Wilkey, oil on panel 20×16 in

This is the painting that is being shown in the Eclectic! show at the Cutter Gallery that runs through 12 July.

Please pop in to the gallery and hear some of the artists in the show speaking about their work and come to the closing reception.

Saturday June 21– visit with Tauna Cole, Guest Artist Mary Robertson, Jeanne Rundell, Scott Weaver, and Terry Wolf

Saturday June 28 – visit with Janice Cook, Guest Artist Robin Labe, Rosemary McLoughlin, Jo Rango, and Storm Sermay

Closing Reception Saturday July 12 from 1-3pm, and the raffle drawing will be held at 2:30