Chrome daffy

Chrome Daffy, oil on panel, 4x4 in. Available
Chrome Daffy, oil on panel, 4×4 in.

This chrome duck bank is a treasure I found at an estate sale several years ago. I passed by it several times knowing I didn’t need it but wanting it all the same. I couldn’t wait to paint it. I’ve painted it several times now and I never get tired of it. In this instance he’s swimming in a ‘sea’ of red.

Chrome Daffy showing frame.
Chrome Daffy showing frame.

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  1. You really captured the reflections and you brought back memories! Both of my kids got these as baby gifts- ’72 and ’75. They came with little knit hats and scarves- one pink and one blue.

    1. jeanwilkey says:

      Thanks Sandra. It’s so interesting that you said that. This one came with the knit scarf (which I have somewhere I think) but there was no hat. I would’ve liked to have seen that. I’ll have to paint a version with the scarf too.

      1. I just remembered- they were called “Cold Ducks” there was a wine by that name at the time.

        1. jeanwilkey says:

          Cute. That’s why they needed the hat and scarf I guess. I just saw one online with the hat and it still had the eyes. Very handsome.

  2. i absolutely love this…what would be to me a very difficult subject, executed superbly! Lovely.

    1. jeanwilkey says:

      Thanks Marcie. What a nice thing to say.

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