Duel by Jean Reece Wilkey, oil on panel, 5x7 in.
Duel by Jean Reece Wilkey, oil on panel, 5×7 in.

For a long time now I’ve painted fake and realistic versions of rabbits and other animals. This is one I began a while back and abandoned. But now I’ve had a request for it for a fundraiser that’s coming up at the beginning of October, so I’ve repainted it and will be surrendering it to the organizers on Thursday. I live in the desert and I see rabbits all the time when I’m out walking my dogs. Little cotton tailed desert bunnies and also big jackrabbits. Big. Like 35 pounds of muscle and legs. They run really fast. This chocolate bunny isn’t running anywhere. Too bad, because in the desert sun it will be melted within the hour. If you’re interested in it, please email me and I’ll send you the details. The fundraiser is in October and raises money for the visiting artist program of the Art Department at New Mexico State University.