Giving you a gift of thanks – painting give-away

A friend recently posted on facebook that WalMart is opening to shoppers at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is now Black Thursday. Sadly, it will soon no longer be a day of gratitude but simply another day of commerce.

Thanksgiving is meant for being with those you love and to show gratitude for their being in your lives. I’ve been so amazed and grateful that so many of you are now following my blog and newsletter and I’d like to show my gratitude.

Turkey engraving by Audubon. Courtesy of Vintage Printable
Turkey engraving. Courtesy of Vintage Printable


To thank you, I’m once again having a drawing, but this time instead of a free print, I’m giving away an original small oil painting with free shipping*. The artwork will be chosen by the winner  from among a selection of small paintings. If you’d like a chance to own my work, just enter the drawing before the deadline.

So here’s the deal.

1) To enter, you must subscribe to my Studio eLetter list, where you’ll also get announcements and my monthly Studio eLetter (ok, I know I’m not fooling anyone. It’s a newsletter, ok? But it’s mostly pictures).

To enter**  – Subscribe here or enter your email in the upper right sidebar.

**Please note: If you’re only following the blog (either by email or via RSS), you won’t be entered. You must sign up for the list where you’ll get my newsletter which is actually a whole ‘nother  creature.

2) If you’ve already subscribed to the newsletter, then to enter, leave a comment on any of my blogposts before the deadline so I’ll know you’re interested. Don’t worry, I’ll see it. (If you’re not sure if you subscribed to the newsletter or if you want to change your preferences to include it – enter your email here and you’ll get an update link by email, or click your personal update link at the bottom of your newsletter.)

3) I’ll draw a name from all the newsletter subscribers using an online randomizer on Thanksgiving day just before I fall asleep after stuffing myself with turkey. (In my family we call Thanksgiving Day naps, “Ellsworth’s” after my uncle.)

4)  So make sure to enter by the deadline at 12pm MT on Thursday, November 28. (11am PT, 12pm MT, 1pm CT, 2pm ET) And then you can all race off to WalMart. Sorry, only one winner this time, but it might be YOU!

*The winner will need to provide a mailing address for shipment of the gift. Shipping is free for a winner residing in the continental United States. If you are living elsewhere, some shipping charges will apply. The painting is unframed.

ps – If you don’t have any idea what to comment about, why not give me your thoughts on why painting is or isn’t important or interesting to you. Any painting. In 2013…

4 Replies to “Giving you a gift of thanks – painting give-away”

  1. That is so sad to hear about WalMart and Thanksgiving. I think Sam Walton is turning over in his grave. I remember my first big job, working at a bank. I was mortified to come in on Friday after Thanksgiving to find the Christmas tree was up. I didn’t even have a clue that people put their tree up early as ours wasn’t up more that a couple of weeks before. Come to find out, that was because my folks didn’t usually have the extra money till then! To this day, I am in no hurry to begin Christmas, especially before Thanksgiving. Someone at work this week was talking about a radio station that began Christmas music after Halloween was over. Two months of that…no thanks! I love Christmas and rejoicing in my Savior’s birth, but not two months of Christmas music :/ Okay, rant is done.

  2. Whoa, got so wrapped up in the rant, I forgot to say I love Thanksgiving. That’s why I’m in no hurry to gloss over it.

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I was shocked to see Christmas ornaments out before Halloween!

  3. Jenni Higginbotham says:

    Gimme that painting!

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