Installing Indra’s Net

The paintings are done and the installation has begun!
Work by Jacklyn St. Aubyn and Jenni Higginbotham, ready to install
Our work will be intermingled along the grid in the final installation. 
4 x 4 inch paintings by Jean Reece Wilkey

These are small paintings I’ve done, 52 of which will be used in the installation, along with another 7 paintings to be on display.

With all of us working steadily, drawing a 4 foot by 36 foot grid, first in pencil and then in gold, took us four days. You can see additional shots of the installation at

Praxis Collective members, Jacklyn, Tauna and Robin “going for the gold”

I love the action photo below, taken by Julia M Barello, of the Praxis members hanging work.

Praxis Members installing work.
Photo courtesy of Julia M Barello. All Rights Reserved.

Only one more day to go before the installation is complete. Be sure to check it out starting with the Friday 3 August reception.