My Studio Views

My studio is a great place to be. Although I once had a rather large space with high ceilings and french doors, my current studio is our two-car garage. A great space which, after insulating the door, is also a comfortable one. I recently traveled to Israel for a month of volunteer service at the Baha’i Centre in Haifa and before leaving, while cleaning up, I was reminded how much I like being in my own space.

I paint mostly from life so the studio is also a sort of cabinet of curiosities.
Never at a loss for company, these are a few of my studio companions. If you’d like to visit my studio, just let me know.
Tell me what you love about your studio space.

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  1. Having been to your studio a few times I can attest to the views you express here. My own studio, while not so full of wonderful curiosities, is a place seemingly out of time. Cross the threshold and there is another world beckoning onward.

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