Nopal on Plate

Prickly Pear on Plate
Prickly Pear on Plate
Nopal on Plate, oil on panel, 8 x 6 in, © Jean Reece Wilkey

Nopal on Plate is the second piece I sent to Australia and they’ve both arrived safely. (Many thanks to our US postal service!).

In this painting I continued the idea I was exploring in Centerpiece I and Centerpiece II; that we appropriate elements from nature for our own uses. But if the other paintings were short story, these are haiku.

People eat prickly pear leaves and they’re found in our local supermarkets, de-spined and skinned – ready to go.

Nopal on Plate gives us a single Pricky Pear pad with a bloom in place just as it comes from the plant. Since in other locales it’s not known as food, this is perhaps an unusual sight – except maybe to the rabbits who feast on them in the winter months.

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