Cardboard Sky

Cardboard Sky, oil on linen, 16x20 in, © Jean Wilkey

I enjoy painting from observation. For me so much about art is really learning to see both with the internal and external eye. One thing I’ve been focused on over the past few years is trying to get accurate color temperature and value in the work. That’s what really describes the quality of the light and the atmosphere […]

Upcoming classes

Student painting the figure

My oil painting classes will begin again in September. If you’re interested in taking small group classes in the intimate environment of my studio, please get in touch with me. I’ll be teaching both beginning and more advanced levels and all subjects. You can email or call me for more information or click the ‘classes […]

Three Pears with Sky & Chocolate Bunnies

Cardboard Sky, oil on linen, 16x20 in, © Jean Wilkey

I’ve recently been painting skies and I love the wonderful red blush of pears so it was a no brainer to put the two together. But I wanted to emphacize the pears more than the sky and so I kept the clouds whispy in the background instead of the big puffy, rain filled ones I tend to favor. […]

White Azaleas in Blue Pot

White Azalea

I bought this beautiful white Azalea as soon as I saw it. Or maybe it’s a Rhododendron. I’m not really sure. I didn’t notice that the tag was missing until I got home. So I can only guess at what it is and how to care for it. I set it in a pot that was a gift […]

Apple demo for ghosts

apple still life

Cray-cray, I know, but not long ago, I did a demo for no one. I admit I didn’t publicize it well and it WAS on a Wednesday evening after all. But ever hopeful, I wagged my gear to Mas Art and set up for the demo. No one showed. But, I was already there so what the […]

Wide Bay High Desert Catalog available free

Late last summer and early fall I participated along with 11 other artists in the Wide Bay High Desert II exhibition. It ran from August through October in both New Mexico, USA and Queensland, Australia. A lovely little catalog designed by Adrienne Williams, accompanied the exhibition. I have some extras, so if you want one I’ll […]

Advancing to Red

This year, for the first time, we got about 2 dozen pomegranates off our tree. Pretty amazing for a tree we thought was dead after a severe freeze a few years back. So it was time for a pomegranate study along with some Fuji apples from another tree in our yard. Just playing around with perception […]