Playing in the mud can be productive

Tess about to mud the ceiling seam
Tess about to mud the ceiling seam

The end of procrastination. Not.

I never finished mudding, texturizing and painting the  wall we put up to replace the pegboard in 2009. So I decided it was time. I also decided I’d paint it something other than white.

Doing my research

I got a gazillion color swatches from Lowe’s and I even used the free Sherwin Williams ColorSnap App to determine what I’d pick. (After all there IS an app for everything.) I liked “sagey”.

In the end I opted for Valspar Woodlawn Snow, mostly because I could get it at Lowe’s and I was too lazy to go the Sherwin Williams store.


Getting the help I needed

Mudding the wall seams.
Mudding the seams

My studio intern, Tess, helped with the final mudding and priming of the walls and I finished painting them the next day.

Since we used particle board wood usually meant for sub-flooring for the walls instead of sheet rock, it meant taping and mudding the seams was harder due to irregularities in the wood. But with a coat of texture before painting, it turned out ok. It will definitely support heavier paintings!!


A studio is more than just the walls

Originally I wanted a pop of color in a dark corner, like a bright violet. But for my February open studio I envisioned the studio looking more like a ‘gallery’, so I decided what I needed was to diminish the visual chaos instead of add color.


The end of chaos.

I painted my beat up metal chest of drawers and a wall corner the darker Frappe color to visually unify the space. Instead of the greenish-grey I’d planned on, Frappe ended up being more a plain grey and the oil based color was a touch lighter. (Oil versions never quite match the water-based wall color.) Behind the cabinet, I hung a pegboard scrap, left from the original wall, for extension cords.

Finished corner with cabinet
Finished corner with cabinet

It may not be exactly what I envisioned. Still, I think it looks better than it did. What do you think?


4 Replies to “Playing in the mud can be productive”

  1. Great progress Jean! I’m super impressed with reducing the visual chaos. I don’t know if I’ll even get there! Love what you have done. Congrats on all the hard work

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      Thanks, Christine. I’ve had a lot of help and I still have a ways to go.

  2. Oh Jean! It’s looking wonderful for a tour!!! Can only wish I could say the same. lol

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      Bird by Bird as Annie Lamott says! Thank you so much Barbara.

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