Time to get going on Wide Bay High Desert II

I’m thinking of painting cactus for this show.

Wide Bay – High Desert II, is a joint exhibition between Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery in Queensland, Australia and Unsettled Gallery in New Mexico. I’m very excited I was invited to participate. And as usual, I’m already behind!

There are 12 artists in all, 6 from each country, who will show two pieces at each venue, that relate to the culture or landscape of the geographic area they are from.

Australian Artists: Adrienne Williams; Ariella Anderson; Christine Turner; Marlies Oakley; Sue Hutton; Trevor Spohr

US Artists: Alexander Eulert; Jacklyn St Aubyn; Jean Wilkey; Jo Rango; Nolan Winkler; Virginia Romero

Two of the artists, Adrienne Williams and Marlies Oakley,will be coming to New Mexico for artist residencies during the exhibition.

The idea of the project is to connect the artists from our two communities through the exhibition, by means of the WBHD blog, and through visits from the artists. Last time there was an internet link during the reception. Everyone made great connections and friendships in the first WBHD in 2013, and I’m sure we’ll make more new friends this time.

Please follow the WBHD Blog to get to know the artists, who will be sharing their artistic process, experiments and thoughts about the work leading up to the exhibition.