White Rabbit with Cherries

White Rabbit with Cherries, oil on linen, 16x12 in, (c) Jean Reece Wilkey
White Rabbit with Cherries, oil on linen, 16×12 in, (c) Jean Reece Wilkey

Several years ago I purchased a white ceramic bunny when I was visiting in Arizona. I used it in a painting, White Rabbit with Apricots. Since then I have acquired several more white ceramic rabbits, mostly Lefton’s, but I still love this little Napco bunny which I’ve paired with Bing cherries, one of my favorite fruits. Turns out Lefton and Napco bunnies are collectible. Who knew? I just love the personalities they each have.

According to the internet (which we know is always accurate, 😉 Bing cherries were developed on horticulturist Seth Lewelling’s farm in Oregon from a graft of a Black Republican Cherry in 1875. They were named for his foreman, Ah Bing – which is what I say when I eat one.

They were a rare sight when I was a child in Texas and usually expensive. I’m so glad they are more plentiful now, even if they still aren’t cheap! And it’s great to be able to eat the still life materials.

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