William Kentridge inspired drawings & fantastic birdhouses

My Drawing I students this semester were a talented bunch. One project was based on time. Showing time in a 2-D drawing generally involves sequencing panels, such as with comics and graphic novels. Sheila Mendez drew a multi-panel page based on classical Greek mythology but set in the present era. Here is a detail from that drawing.

I love South African artist, William Kentridge’s animated charcoal drawings, which you can see on Art 21. He shows actual time by filming the drawing process so that his drawings move in real time. Oscar Ruiz did an animated video sequence using Kentridge’s approach. By drawing and erasing charcoal in 260 individual drawing shots, he created a 12 second sequence. Watch it below, but don’t blink!

Students tire of drawing traditional still life, so another project they do is to create a ‘fantastic birdhouse’ from imagination, but using actual objects as reference. This project is taken in a slightly different direction from the one it is based on in Brian Curtis’s book, Drawing from Observation: An Introduction to Perceptual Drawing.

Susanna Flores chose to do a mobile birdhouse.
Sheila Mendez creates a spectacular world for her birdhouse.