And the free print contest winner is…

The free print contest winner is Cody Jimenez, a fellow NM artist (which saves me the postage).  So, congratulations Cody and thanks to all who participated in the print contest by signing up to my list. If you have ideas for other contests please give me your suggestions in the comments.

I put the names in which selected a name at random. Turns out the randomness can be based on several models and I picked the one based on bees. Since they are fast disappearing I thought it would be good to acknowledge them.

(image courtesy of

Here’s what they say on the site, “We took sound from a beehive and encoded it into computer bytes, then blended with thermal noise – the result is not honey, but another set of random numbers.” Pretty cool. You can click the blue ribbon on the sidebar to see the results and visit their site.

Cody Jimenez art
Extravagant and well fed, by Cody Jimenez, oil on paper, 7×5 in.

Here’s one of Cody’s paintings. Among other things he paints rabbits. Go figure. This one is mine which I bought from a show he had last spring. You can see more of his art on his website.

So what suggestions do YOU have for the next contest? Please leave me your ideas in comments.

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