6 Replies to “Cara”

  1. Jean – Your portraits of your students are full of warmth and life! Green and red are two of my faves on the color wheel, they sure make it pop!

    1. jeanwilkey says:

      Thanks so much Pattie for your kind comments. It’s always so nice to get feedback on the work, especially when it’s positive. I really enjoyed being with these folks and I’m really enjoying painting them.

  2. Yes, the red/ green combo is very effective without looking Christmasy. I’m also impressed with the glasses. I find them very hard to paint.

    1. jeanwilkey says:

      Yes, glasses are tough! I’ve done several portraits with them band so far they haven’t gotten easier. I suppose at some point they will.

  3. Another great portrait, well done

    1. jeanwilkey says:

      Thanks, Margaret. Very kind of you.

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