Just Peachy

My latest painting, Just Peachy, continues the series of paintings that combine still life and fabrics with elements of the landscape.  Sometimes life feels good on both the inside and the outside, the curtain is the symbolic veil between the two. The peaches are from our trees and tasted great. It’s a great motivator to […]

Classes and workshops for 2017

Student painting the figure

I’ll be teaching several classes and workshops in 2017. Here is the upcoming schedule. If you’d like more information or wish to sign up for my private studio classes or workshops, click the link for information and sign up. Private Classes in my studio – Jan-May; Jul-Nov   (Begins January 6th – monthly enrollment. Charcoal Portrait workshop […]

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is one of the paintings in my current show. It continues the theme of looking at our relationship with and connection to nature. Manifest destiny was a 19th century belief in the destiny of settlers to expand westward across the United States, and remake the land and culture. It served to justify, as a moral imperative, both the expansion […]