Three apricots with sky

This painting has a vintage feel with the warm clouds behind the apricots. Another combination of landscape and still life. | Available unframed Don’t forget to enter the painting give-away contest. Only 3 days left. Click the link on the right side of the page to enter.

Blue duck with cherries

This duck vase came from a re-sale shop and I’ve had it for a while. The small nest that I found when walking with my dogs just fit perfectly on the hole in his back. I love cherries and these were the last of the season so I piled the ones I hadn’t yet eaten […]

Mango on a green bottle

I recall when finding a mango in the grocery store was strange and exotic, not the common experience it is today. I love using complimentary color pairs in my work like the greens and reds in this one. This mango is perched on the mouth of a green bottle I found in the desert when […]

Chrome daffy

This chrome duck bank is a treasure I found at an estate sale several years ago. I passed by it several times knowing I didn’t need it but wanting it all the same. I couldn’t wait to paint it. I’ve painted it several times now and I never get tired of it. In this instance […]

Mango on Americana crystal cup

Mangos are the yummiest fruit. There was a huge 30 foot mango tree in my backyard when I lived in Honduras. That’s when I discovered I was allergic to green mangos. Thankfully I can eat all the ripe ones I want. Yummm. This one sits atop a crystal cup from my mother-in-law’s Sunday crystal.