Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is one of the paintings in my current show. It continues the theme of looking at our relationship with and connection to nature. Manifest destiny was a 19th century belief in the destiny of settlers to expand westward across the United States, and remake the land and culture. It served to justify, as a moral imperative, both the expansion […]

Advancing to Red

This year, for the first time, we got about 2 dozen pomegranates off our tree. Pretty amazing for a tree we thought was dead after a severe freeze a few years back. So it was time for a pomegranate study along with some Fuji apples from another tree in our yard. Just playing around with perception […]

Wide Bay High Desert II – opens Friday

oil painting of Cholla cactus and Bird of paradise flowers

It’s finally time for the opening of the Wide Bay High Desert II exhibition that features 12 artists from Australia and the United States. The reception will happen simultaneously at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery in Queensland and at Unsettled Gallery in Las Cruces, New Mexico where there will be a satellite link up so we can visit each location in […]