How Rose Frantzen inspires you to paint at her Alla Prima Workshop – Part II

Closeup of a Rose Frantzen painting,Vaulting the Disproportionate Illusion of a Transparent Wall.

This is part II of a two-part post and continues with the painting process Rose Frantzen modeled for us at the workshop. If you missed part I, you can see it here. Rose has tremendous energy. She moves around a lot while she paints, walking back and forth, turning around and sometimes fairly dancing with […]

How Rose Frantzen inspires you to paint at her Alla Prima Workshop – Part I

Rose Frantzen helping a student

Watching Rose Frantzen paint makes me wish I had another lifetime to practice. She is so inspiring. Seeing the article on Rose Frantzen in the November/December 2017 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine reminded me of meeting her earlier this year.  I was privileged to see her begin the painting Vaulting the Disproportionate Illusion of […]

Eclectic! Show Reception

Eclectic! The Border Artist member show opened today at the Cutter Gallery. Twenty-three participating artists included members and two guest artists, showing both 2-D and 3-D media in various styles and approaches. It was a festive atmosphere in the always elegant Cutter Gallery space. Work was hung in the gallery area as well as “in situ” amongst the magnificent antiques […]

Making art with a friend

There’s nothing better than making art with a good friend. Ok, well, cheesecake is good too and lightly salted dark chocolate covered almonds, and…but I digress. My friend Jenni came to visit and we spent the weekend making art. We talked, we drew, we ate together. It was swell. Jenni was experimenting with a relief […]

Understand art by knowing yourself

Becky Hendrick, who for years wrote art reviews and criticism for Art Lies and other regional and national art publications, is a wonderful educator with a talent for engaging students. Her inspired book on art appreciation, Getting It: A Guide to Understanding and Appreciating Art, is unique in the field and written to involve students in their own […]

Susan Hauptman

Susan Hauptman is another artist whose work I admire who specializes in self-portraiture. She is represented by the Forum Gallery in NYC. She is a brave artist who spares herself nothing in realistically portraying herself in a variety of situations which explore the roles of women and beauty in our culture. Self Portrait as a […]