Charcoal Portrait Workshop

This workshop covers everything you need to know to draw realistic portraits in charcoal. You’ll learn about measurement, shape, value, how to get a likeness, how to pose and light the model, and charcoal techniques. We’ll work from a live model.

On Friday night I’ll demonstrate the process with a live model and talk about approaches to doing the portrait.  On Sat and Sunday, you’ll work from the model doing a different drawing each day, as I help you each with your work.

Cheyenne, charcoal on paper, 15 x 11 in, Jean Reece Wilkey

We’ll break for a quick lunch at 1:00 pm which we can enjoy together on the sunny patio.

Click here for a materials list.  You can buy materials locally, online or from me directly (through the link in the registration form). If you want more information, please email or call: jean @ or 575-528-8912.


If you’d like to be on the waitlist for when the workshop is announced, please email me at: jean @