Cherish-762Cherish is a talented student, fairly quiet and a hard worker. She did some interesting work for the class. This is the first time I’ve attempted a tatoo. I may try another one. Cherish, oil on panel, 6×6 in


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  1. Hi Jean – are you painting from sittings or photos? These are such good documentaries of your students! I am amazed you can get one done each day. Great work!

    1. jeanwilkey says:

      Thanks Pattie. I wish I could do them from life! I took photos at the end of the semester since I wanted to practice doing portraits over the break. They do take a while to do. Cherish took about 5 hours even though I think of them more as oil sketches than longer portraits. I’m hoping to get faster as I go. I’m glad you are enjoying them. (I like your Mallard painting very much, by the way)

  2. The tatoo is impressive!

    1. jeanwilkey says:

      Thanks Sylviane, glad you like it. It was fun to paint.

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