Indra’s Net opening reception

We had a grand opening reception for Indra’s Net at the Las Cruces Museum of Art last Friday night. Several hundred people passed through and saw the work and enjoyed the live music performance. You can see images of the reception on the Praxis Collectiveblog but I’m posting a few more  here.

Indra’s net installation
Visitors on opening night.
Indra’s Net installation detail
Artist Julia Barello viewing the work
Paintings by Jean Reece Wilkey
Cherry on Scrabble Chips, oil on panel, 4 x 4 inches, (c) Jean Reece Wilkey
This is one of several of my works in the Indra’s Net installation. You can see some of my other individual paintings from the installation at my small works gallery, Painting Habit. If you haven’t already, I hope you can go see the actual installation which is up until 8 September.

Praxis Collective members: (L to R) Robin Wiener Labe, Jenni Higginbotham, Tauna Cole,
Jacklyn St. Aubyn, Isadora Stowe, and Jean Reece Wilkey – arranged by height of course!!

And yet another picture of the Praxis Collective members just before finishing the installation. Photograph is courtesy of Julia Barello.