It’s here! – The fine wine of oil paint

I received my shipment of Vasari Paint from the Paint Grant award! 

The paints come packaged so nicely it’s almost a shame to use them. But I can’t wait! The web site says Vasari is …truly a painter’s paint…the one paint that will make you a painter’s painter. I certainly hope so! 

It was so much fun to order. A big part of the pleasure of winning this grant is in being able to luxuriate in the possibilities for trying new colors from Vasari’s online catalog. 
Reading their list is like reading the descriptions on a wine list.

Here’s an example:  “Cerulean Blue – Genuine, opaque mineral pigment that’s an intensely rich, deep greenish blue. Bright and gem like in its mass tone with subtle, soft natural tints. Traditional cool blue used to make greens and wonderful grays.”

Gail Spiegel helps you with your order and will steer you to the perfect color for your needs – she knows the nuances of each and freely shares her knowlege. Check them out at their new Chelsea location or onlineNow, back to the studio…