NMSU collector’s auction fundraiser

Papaya and two cherries, oil on panel, 11x14 in.
Papaya and two cherries, oil on panel, 11×14 in.

I was honored to be asked to donate a painting for the NMSU Collector’s Auction Fundraiser, Gym to Gem. I was happy to be included in this worthy cause.

The current New Mexico State University fine arts building is a converted gymnasium from the 1930s or something. The painting studio is on top of the former swimming pool and the graduate art studios have cement steps in the middle of them. The building has been in need of refurbishment for several decades.

The fundraiser was this past Saturday and I was glad I could contribute in some small way to this project.

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  1. This is fabulous it makes me smile and feel awed at the same time!

    1. Thanks so much Julie. I love it when my art makes people smile. I’m pretty awed by your work too, especially your latest series of the ponds and Yosemite.

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