Nopal with Apricots and season’s greetings

Nopal with Apricots, oil on panel, 6x6in © Jean Wilkey
Nopal with Apricots, oil on panel, 6x6in © Jean Reece Wilkey

This time of year I spend a good deal of time reflecting on what went well, what didn’t, what I want to change and how I want to change it. Sometimes I get great insights, sometimes not so much.

This year in an effort to have more reflection time, AND to be able to enjoy more time with visiting family and friends, I’m going into hibernation for a bit. I’ll be re-assessing how my blog and newsletter might change (or not), especially with regard to content. So there will be no new posts for a while.

That means this is your chance to weigh in.  I’d love to know:

What most interests you? What would you like to see more of, less of, etc. Are you interested in techniques and materials, or the story behind the work? Do you want to know the inside scoop on the artist-life? What do you want to see on the blog this coming year? Just let me know in the comments or email me at jean (@)

red ribbon photo

I hope you all have a peaceful and happy holiday season that you can share it with friends and loved ones. I also wish you a joyous and happy 2016.