Pear on brass candlestick

Pear on brass candlestick by Jean Reece Wilkey, oil on panel, 4x4 in. Available
Pear on brass candlestick, oil on panel, 4×4 in. © Jean Reece Wilkey

This is a painting I did a while ago and today I repainted it. It’s not significantly different but I deepened and grayed some colors and darkened the background and I like it much better now. It’s part of my “stacked fruit” series.

I love painting pears because they have such wonderful skin tones. They’re a bit like painting flowers because the color changes so fast  you really need to paint them in one day. The advantage is that they look different the next day so you can paint them all over again!

In several cultures the pear symbolizes wisdom and purity and in Christian symbolism, Christ’s love for mankind. It’s also a symbol of fertility and longevity due to the long life of pear trees. | Available