Rescued – pomegranates on gold plate

Rescued, oil on panel, 10 x 8 in.
Rescued, oil on panel, 10 x 8 in.

I found an entire pomegranate tree discarded in the desert when I was out walking my dogs. It still had many pomegranates on the tree. I was struck by how the entire tree with it’s luscious fruits were discarded, treated as refuse. Maybe they couldn’t see the beauty in the fruit whose skin was scared and burnt by the desert sun. I was delighted to take home some of the fruit and I painted them resting on a brass plate. Click here to purchase.

2 Replies to “Rescued – pomegranates on gold plate”

  1. It is surprising what we keep and what we throw away!
    This is beautifully rendered Jean.
    Not just rescued but immortalized!

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      Thanks, Louise!

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