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I delayed for the longest starting a studio news letter because of the associations I have with the word ‘newsletter’ which conjure up memories of my mother doing the church bulletin on a mimeograph machine and later a spirit duplicator or ditto machine (yes, I am old enough to remember them).

It was not exciting looking. It had purple type so faint you could barely read it and it smelled funny. Really funny. I actually liked sniffing it. No pictures. Just a lot of, well, words.

Spirit duplicator (as if anyone could duplicate one’s spirit!)

MY newsletter is different, of course. First, I don’t even know how to use a mimeograph machine. Second, it will be filled with lots of pictures – mostly of my artwork, including step by step images of the paintings coming to life. I’ll put other cool stuff in it like special offers only for my newsletter subscribers and stuff so cool I haven’t even thought it up yet.

So please do sign up for it. You can sign up HERE or in the pop up on the home page (which seems to only show up if you’re using Safari as your browser. Go figure).

As an incentive, sign up between now and July 31st, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free print of my artwork ($30 value). Just for signing up. How cool is that?

If there’s something you really want to hear about, just send me an email at: or by post ideas on my Facebook profile


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