My summer painting class

Last Friday, I finished teaching a beginning painting class during the summer session at NMSU. Fourteen students enrolled but 4 never showed and we lost two more due to unforseen health issues. Because it was a small and intimate class, the students became much friendlier and chatty with each other earlier on in the semester than is usual, and a certain camaraderie developed. They all worked hard and it was a really enjoyable group that did some good pieces.

Student’s working on their final project

This is the first time I’ve taught painting during the summer session and I must say that having a five hour stretch instead of two and a half hours for each class made it much more like a real-life experience of being in the studio every day. We spent a good bit of time working on color and value. One assignment explored color by painting analogous colored fabrics, the color neighbors on a color wheel. Here are a couple of examples.

Analogous colors assignment with fabric

I love seeing what my painting students can produce. I hope you did too!



2 Replies to “My summer painting class”

  1. I really wanted to comment on the painting of the mallards with lemons but it’s not here yet and I couldn’t find where to post it on the other site.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that you showed the painting in stages, I would never have believed that you did it. I know you are really good, but the nest, the mirroring on the faces of the mallards, the detail, I’m blown away by this painting, Jean. Not just well done but LOVE IT!!! You are a star!! In fact, I am loving the evolution of Jean Wilkey!!

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      Thank you so much, Colleen! I put the pics in the newsletter as ‘exclusive’ content before posting the painting on the site. But maybe I need to re-think that. Really, thank you so much for your enthusiasm. Your comment quite made my day!

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