The big reveal & a last minute re-do

This is the last post for the Studio Makeover and De-Clutter month. Congratulations and thank-you to all who participated.

After I was 90% finished with the studio makeover, and had already cleaned up, we decided to re-do a wall. There were holes in the sheetrock where we once planned to move a water pipe for the garden. The holes were 2 years old and covered with mat board.

Dean and I looking at holes in the wall, once old wall was gone and putting up insulation
Looking at the hole in the wall, after the old wall was gone, and putting up insulation

I planned to patch the hole with new sheetrock. Instead, we decided to insulate the studio wall.

Putting up sheetrock. More mudding and taping!
Putting up sheetrock. More mudding and taping!

After insulating it and mudding and painting the new wall, the studio is much warmer!

preparing the fixture
preparing the fixture

The final task was putting up new lighting and changing out all the bulbs for color correct ones.

So after another couple of days cleaning up from the mess, the studio looks presentable again. Of course the clutter is already starting to creep in again since it is, after all, a working studio. So for the 10 minutes it will remain clean before it returns to its former glory, I thought I’d share a few views…

Click on the image below to see the video of the finished studio. Right now the studio looks a bit bare without much on the walls, but the artwork will be hung soon.
If you want to see the studio makeover first hand, please come to my open studio on Feb 15 and 16th from 10-4pm. We can have a cuppa and a good long chat…

7 Replies to “The big reveal & a last minute re-do”

  1. Amazing how much you’ve done. To the bones… great work. It will make a lovely backdrop for your studio tour.

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      Thanks, Christine. It feels like a fresh start.

  2. Oh , how I wish I could come to your open studio!
    I am in total awe of all the work you did – it is amazing. Insulation is a wonderful invention. At first it is a great idea then halfway in you think, “sheesh!” and then when it is done you feel all warm and glad.
    Congratulations, Jean!

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      Oooh. I wish you could too. True confessions though, the studio is a mess now. It’s only clean if I’m not actually working in it! So it’s a good thing. It will all come together soon I hope. And your space looks so great too. So congratulations yourself and I hope you get lots of virtual visitors as well as real ones.

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  4. Oh Jean! Your studio looks great and I am sure it will be the perfect setting for your tour and sale! I am sorry I missed the link up — it has been slow on my end but definitely not forgotten. Here is my last challenge post, if anyone is curious what happened on my end. Hope it is ok to add a link. Thanks again for hosting this! Barbara

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      I love that you did the makeover with me Barbara. The cards look great too…

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