Two weeks left of Primavera

Primavera opening at Adobe Patio Gallery
Primavera opening at Adobe Patio Gallery

The opening reception of Primavera was lovely.  It was especially nice since I was surprised by great friends who have just moved back to the area.

Zoe, Oscar, Adrian and Josh.
Zoe, Oscar, Adrian with Josh.

Here’s another of the four paintings I have in the show, Mixed Greens.

Mixed Greens, oil on panel, 12x12in.
Mixed Greens, oil on panel, 12x12in.

When I purchased the ceramic monkey I used for this painting the shop clerk was so relieved. Turns out she didn’t like it and was glad to see it go. I wonder if she’d like it any better in the painting?

The exhibition will be open through the 10th of May. I hope you can make it by.

Adobe Patio Gallery * 1765 Avenida de Mercado, Mesilla, NM * 575-532-9310 * Tu-Sa 11-4

2 Replies to “Two weeks left of Primavera”

  1. Louise Mould says:

    “Mixed greens” is an accomplished painting, Jean. The ceramic monkey is unnerving placed in amongst those succulents. It makes one “do a double-take” — to look twice and then a third time. The painting is a collector’s item, no question. Beautifully rendered and courageously shown!

    1. Jean Wilkey says:

      Thanks, Louise. I really love these monkeys. I have two of them and planned to paint them large. Maybe I still will sometime. Thanks for your kind comments.

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